Canterbury Carriage Company

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Ethical Horse Travel

Ethics Matter

Canterbury Carriage Company  
Ethical Horse Travel

Canterbury Prides itself on Ethical Treatment of Carriage horses and abides by the regulations and rules that are set forth in every community to operate safely and ethically.  

Here is what sets Canterbury Carriage Company Apart from other companies.

The Horse comes  First - Always! 

  • We do not operate when the temperature is over 90 degrees with a heat index of 100

  •  For every 90 minutes consecutively worked, horses get a 10 minute break.

  • Water must be provided at the stand for my horses at all times by the municipality.  Thats the only thing I ask that the city does for my company and my horses.

  • Carriage only holds 5 and will not exceed 5 total in the carriage.  2 adults and 3 small children.  I the 5th person as the driver.

  • We are the most regulated company in the industry making sure our standards exceed with is required by the municipality.

  • Canterbury is licensed and insured always.  We can provide certificates of insurance to your event or municipality.

  • Canterbury Carriage is on the of highest regulated companies in the USA and carries the most liability insurance this side of the Mississippi in accordance to regulations set forth by the Chicagoland Carriage Market.

  • We boast a no accident record.  30 years and not even as much as one ticket.

  • Horses are allowed on the street for a total of 8 hours.  6 of which are working  (meaning walking for 6 hours and standing for the other two hours - total).

  • Horses are rotated... two horses share the workload for the 5 day work week - Wednesday through Sunday from June 1st until Sept 1st.

  • Horses work a 4 day work week from Labor Day Until Thanksgiving Eve.

  • Horses get 6 weeks off a year - From January 2 until February 14th.

  • Horses wear shoes for traction but shoes are pulled to let their feet be natural for 6 weeks out of the year.

  • One surrey only... easy for hills and small enough to be safe in and out of traffic.  

  • If there is a line waiting...and the thermometer says 91... I will take reservations for later and send customers HOME!   Please see my refund & rescheduling policy.