Canterbury Carriage Company

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About Us

Canterbury Carriage Company is locally owned and thereby understands the needs of all the communities in Knoxville and surrounding historical cities and areas.  Canterbury loves to share the unique history of each community on each ride.  

Canterbury has over 30 years horse experience.  This company takes pride in offering professionally trained and well dressed  footman service who collaborates with you to make lifetime memories.  Drivers are required to abide by strict dress code and carriage operator regulations that always keep your safety in mind.

Taking a horse safely through traffic and getting you there to your destination takes years of equestrian talent.  Being a footman takes special skill because the steering wheel has a mind of their own.  In addition, all of our drivers are historians and learn the area with a passion to preserve history to give you the best memory you can have.  We have class, style, poise, elegance, emotional intelligence and a skill that only a handful of other people have in the world.

Canterbury's carriage horses, like other working horses in the city and other urban areas in the USA (and the world) are fully acclimated to A LOT of traffic, train horns, sirens, throngs of people and anything that a human must understand to exist in the city.  Canterbury has ridden horses in city, town and country and they can be gently trained to adjust to any urban environment.  Our routes, however, are peaceful and quiet. We take you away from the Chaos back to the 18th century where the world existed at a slower pace.

Canterbury's owner has safely traversed all varieties of urban environment issues for about 30 years with no accidents reported.  Particularly here in DuPage County,  her own personal horses have ridden to TGI Fridays in Bloomingdale, had dinner and rode back to the stables.

Canterbury's drivers have operated in dense areas where the population exceeds 1 million people per square mile, and Canterbury’s Owner and drivers boasts an incident free record;  Our horses can handle “city” or “suburban” life and all external stimuli that goes along with it.

Experience Matters...